Korea’s signature sexy “wink” now belongs to No Min Woo! Whomever your favorite winker was in the past, add this celebrity to your list. On July 25th, the “Ghastly” [ also titled as “Gisaeng Ryung”] star retweeted a two second video of himself. Pianist Jung Jae Moon (aka JJ) tweeted the video below for fangirls melting pleasure:

Click here to view the clip

What were their captions? JJ and Min Woo kept it short and sweet! JJ tweeted the word : “Geil !!”, while the actor simply placed a smiley face after retweeted it.

What do you think of his wink? 

His new horror flick “Ghastly” starring Han Eun Jung and T-ara’s Hyo Min about a terrifying mystery and shocking secret surrounding a orphan premieres in theaters on August 4th. Actress Eun Jung portrays the woman who raises an the orphan named Bin, and Min Woo is detective Cheol Woong who tries to help them solve the mystery. 

Credits: @hjjmoon and @ROCKOUT529