No more confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) emerged for a second day in South Korea. Two more patients were discharged, bringing up the total discharged to 93 people. Also, there were no additional deaths.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare‘s Central MERS-CoV Control Office stated that as of 6 a.m. on June 29 KST, the number of confirmed cases for MERS is 182, the same as the previous day. No more people were diagnosed with MERS on June 28 as well. This is the first time in 34 days where no one was diagnosed with MERS, since May 25.

In addition, there were no more deaths, allowing for the mortality rate (17.6 percent) to stay constant. The newly discharged patients are no. 141 (age 42) and no. 150 (age 44). They have been undergoing antibiotics and antiviral treatments, after which their symptoms lessened. In two subsequent tests, they tested negative for MERS and declared cured.

As of date, 93 have been discharged, of which 50 (53.8 percent) are men and 43 (46.2 percent) are female. In terms of age, 25 (26.9 percent) are in their 40s, 22 (23.7 percent) are in their 50s, 15 (16.1 percent) are in their 30s, 14 (15.1 percent) in their 60s, 10 (10.8 percent) in their 70s, 6 (6.5 percent) in their 20s and 1 (1.1 percent) in their 10s. Of those confirmed with MERS, 57 are still undergoing treatment. 43 are said to be in stable conditions, but the other 14 are in unstable conditions.

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