Comedian Noh Hong Chul talked about his violent incident of 2008 on the recent episode of KBS TV’s “Story Show: Do Dream,” which aired on May 5.

As a new MC of the show, Noh Hong Chul started talking about the details of the incident. According to him, “He was in front of my house. I greeted him, but got no response back.”

He continued saying, “That person came to the police department, and he had a big knife in his pocket. I discovered that he thought that I would harm his father every time I laughed loudly on the television. So he came to visit me because he wanted to protect his father. I was the only one who received the punches and the guy eventually told me to attack him as well. I was in a dilemma, but I chose to only receive the punches. I did not even scream.”

MC Kim Yong Man also commented, “I was shocked when I visited Noh Hong Chul in the hospital. He was in no condition to, but he was as bright as always.”

Let us just hope that there will be no more of these incidents.