Singer Noh Ji Hoon and his bride-to-be, racing model Lee Eun Hye, recently participated in a pictorial, where they discussed their upcoming wedding.

Noh Ji Hoon first commented, “It’s only been two months since we started preparing for our wedding, but I’m as busy as if I were preparing for an album. I want to make a beautiful and memorable wedding, so I’m focusing on a lot of different things.” When asked if the wedding feels real yet, Noh Ji Hoon answered, “We’re already listed as each other’s spouse on Internet search engines. It felt real after I saw that.” Lee Eun Hye said, “It’s more surprising that I have a legal guardian now.”

Regarding their decision to marry, Lee Eun Hye shared, “I wanted to become Ji Hoon’s closest family member. I wanted to become a great source of strength by his side, so I was confident.” Noh Ji Hoon added, “I trusted her ever since we were friends. But more than anything, it’s fun when we are together.”

Lee Eun Hye further explained, “I wanted to not only be Ji Hoon’s family, but also his closest friend. Like a warm house that always has its lights on, that’s the kind of presence I want to become [for him].” Noh Ji Hoon said, “I want to be a fun husband that always makes her laugh. I will become a husband that takes good care of his wife and gives her a healthy love.”

Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!

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