Actress Moon Chae Won’s non-photoshopped pictures have been released.

Recently, various online community sites have posted pictures under the title “Moon Chae Won’s non-photoshopped pictures.” They were real-time pictures of Moon Chae Won taken on the set of a photo shoot.  

Inside the pictures, Moon Chae Won is posing towards the camera.  Her fantastic body line is especially noticeable. In a bottomless fashion, she exposes her beautiful legs by wearing only a white shirt and high heels. Moon Chae Won also shows off her alluring charm as a woman in autumn.

Netizens who saw the pictures praised, “She is a beautiful autumn goddess,” “She has awesome face and body,” “Love watching her great acting on ‘Nice Guy.’”

Meanwhile, she is playing the role of Seo Eun Ki on KBS’s drama “Nice Guy.”