Amid the tense situation between North and South Korea, a reunion for separated families after the Korean War will take place once again.

The decision was made after a discussion between the South and North Korean Red Cross representatives which took place from September 7 to September 8.

In this reunion, 100 people each from South and North Korea will participate. For those with difficulties ambulating, one or two family members will accompany them.

The South Korean Red Cross will exchange the survival and health status of 500 candidates to the North Korean Red Cross. From there, the final candidates will be chosen, with immediate family and older candidates taking priority.

The candidates who are chosen will congregate in Sokcho, Gangwon on October 19 and after education from the supervisors, they will travel to Mount Geumgang for the reunion.

The event will take place over seven days in total from October 20 to 26, with half of the families meeting over the first three days and the other half for the next three days.

Meanwhile, this is the 20th family reunion since the first one in August of 2000.

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