Congressman-elect, Ji Sung Ho of the Future Korea Party, who is also a North Korean defector, expressed that he is 99% certain that North Korean ruler, Kim Jong Un has passed away.


According to Newsis‘ report, Congressman-elect, Ji Sung Ho strongly believes Kim Jong Un has passed away due to the information he obtained from an inside source.

I believe Kim Jong Un has passed away. I’m 99% certain. My belief is based on a North Korean inside source.

– Ji Sung Ho

Congressman-elect, Ji Sung Ho shared,

From what I’ve heard, Kim Jong Un passed away last weekend due to shock caused by his cardiovascular surgery. Due to his inability to govern, the administration is preparing measures for the chaos to come.

– Ji Sung Ho


Congressman-elect, Ji Sung Ho also revealed that drawing from what happened following Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il’s passing the announcement of his passing will be made this weekend.

When Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il passed away, the news was announced one week later. So I predict it’ll be announced this weekend. If it happens to be later, that’ll probably be due to issues regarding their succession plan.

– Ji Sung Ho

Congressman-elect, Ji Sung Ho defected from North Korea back in 2006 and recently secured a position in the National Assembly through proportional representation as a human activist for North Korean human rights.