Where was NS Yoon Ji today? The solo singer and “Pops In Seoul” VJ was modeling for a photoshoot in Meguro, Tokyo! She gushed about the “friendly” crew on the set of her latest shoot via Twitter. If the message wasn’t enough, Yoon Ji uploaded two snapshots from the upcoming “secret” event. The name of the magazine or the reason for the shoot was not disclosed. Below was an excerpt from one of the VJ’s tweets: 

“…. fun photoshoot with such nice people in meguro, tokyo”

This is what fans had to say about the pretty pictures:

” you look so pretty on that photoshoot!”

“will you debut in Japan?….wanna see you”

She is currently in the middle of promotions for her latest K-Pop single “Wanna See You Again”. Check out one of her recent performances.

Credit: @ns_yoonji