NU’EST is starting the new year with the announcement of their official colors!

The colors were revealed through the NU’EST staff account on Twitter and they said, “We will be revealing the official colors of NU’EST and L.O.Λ.Es [NU’EST’s official fandom name]. The deep teal and vivid pink represent NU’EST and L.O.Λ.Es, and we hope the colors and NU’EST will continue to receive your love and support.” They ended their announcement with the hashtags “NU’EST” and “Present for L.O.Λ.E.”

This is not the first time the members of NU’EST have used this color scheme as it was previously featured on the poster of NU’EST W’s first fan meeting “L.O.Λ.E & DREAM.” Till now, NU’EST had been using a neon pink as their representative color but now that they’ve chosen their official colors, it looks like the group will be using the combination of teal and pink going forward!

Are you loving these colors by NU’EST?