Newcomer group NU’EST is gaining attention for a recent reality TV program they took part of.

On March 21, during the first episode of cable channel, MBC MUSIC’s Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation,” the group members displayed carefree attitudes suitable to their teenage age, but completely different from the charismatic image they portrayed during their music performances.

On the show, the members set out to complete different missions given to them. Hilarity ensued during the missions, when the members had to search and find different hints to complete each mission. In “NU’EST: Landing Operation” the five members seemed to flawlessly integrate themselves into the program as they continued throughout the show to complete their mission.

“Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation” is said to be a lighthearted show. The members of NU’EST first start out in Seoul and later will go to different provinces around Korea and try to win the hearts of fans by completing a variety of missions. You can watch this show every Wednesday at 7 PM on MBC MUSIC.

Watch “Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation” every Wednesday at 7 PM on MBC MUSIC