Recently, NU’EST‘s JR featured in a pictorial for Lloyd’s Watch & Jewelry X First Look collaboration, and people can’t get over how hot the photos are.

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NU’EST’s leader is known for his adorable nature off-stage, so many were left shook at how hot he looks in the photos. Even though most of the photographs were meant to highlight the jewelry and watches, people could only focus on JR.

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Most of the photos are muted, and some are black-and-white, and they all feature a grain effect. Despite the soft look, the images were trying to go for; people were left fanning themselves over JR’s appeal.

nuest jr2 nuest jr6

Effortlessly handsome and charming, people are now hoping that JR gets more modeling gigs so he can show his different sides and try out new concepts.

Let’s all breathe. Kim Jonghyun, you are so handsome and sexy.

– Korean Netizen

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