Recently, NU’EST‘s Minhyun and Ren appeared on KBSThe Return of Superman. There, people saw Ren’s potential to be the world’s greatest dad.

nuest ren baby1 nuest ren baby3

Ren was seen taking care of baby Hong Raim. He can be seen trying to put the baby to sleep and feeding her. While he initially struggled since the baby couldn’t stop crying…

nuest ren baby4 nuest ren baby

… in the end, he was able to put her to sleep!

nuest ren baby2 nuest ren baby6

He was even seen sleeping next to Raim, snatching everyone’s hearts.

nuest ren baby7

Many fans believe that Ren had the charm of a new dad; someone who loves his kids but is still clumsy with how to raise one but has only good intentions. Now, L.O.V.Es are wanting more Ren x baby interactions!

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