NU’EST is gaining attention for their aggressive marketing tactics that involve TV advertisements and also their wrapped buses. (It is called wrap advertising when you wrap a vehicle in an advertisement. This essentially turns the bus into a mobile billboard.)

NU’EST has used different type of marketing tactics before their debut in order to garner attention. Through movie events outside of Seoul NU’EST had many events where they met fans. That gave them the nickname “Rural Dol” and “Event Dol.”

Right before their debut wrapped buses that advertised NU’EST drove around Seoul. Also, online websites and social networking services had pictures of NU’EST taken by fans.

NU’EST’s agency PLEDIS stated, “NU’EST put an emphasis on meeting fans in person. That is why we held events where fans could communicate with NU’EST. NU’EST will continue to hold events that will put them close with fans.”

NU’EST had their debut performance in the middle of March. 2012.