New boy group NU’EST member Baekho expressed his love for their fans and their agency Pledis’s CEO Han Sung Soo.

On his MeToday on October 22, Baekho posted a photo along with a message, “Today, our boss visited our building when we were practicing. He came with hamburgers. It was totally awesome! We love you, boss. We also can’t wait to meet our fans and express our love!”

In the picture are all of the five NU’EST members with cute smiles and their thumbs up. Their CEO is standing in the middle. Netizens who saw this picture replied, “Can’t believe they look so happy over hamburgers,” “If it was me, I would buy you 10 burgers…,” “So which one is the boss and which ones are the singers?”

Meanwhile, NU’EST recently attended KCON in Los Angeles to perform their songs “Not Over You,” “Face,” and “Action.”