The New York Post featured an article briefly talking about Jon Park’s recent loss on Super Star K2.

“John Park, a Korean-American singer from Chicago who made it to the Top 24 earlier this year on “American Idol,” went all the way to the final two of Korea’s version of “Idol” this weekend.

But he came in second in a popular vote that reflected the country’s unease with making an American the new “Idol” of Korea. Park, 22, dropped out of Northwestern University to compete on “Superstar K” — as “Idol” is called there.

From the beginning, fans criticized the show for letting an American compete. Park was born in Korea but came to the US at age 4.”

Star News wrote, however, that contrary to the Post’s negative view of the Korean media, Jon Park is the first Super Star K contestant to be offered advertisement deals. 

Source: NYPost and Star News