I.O.I’s Kim Chungha teared up while talking about her mother on “Hit The Stage.”

On the August 10 broadcast of the show, Kim Chungha joins the lineup as one of the new contestants.

During the interview portion, Chungha thinks back to her past and confesses, “Our family was financially unstable. I told my mom, ‘I want to dance so much and I am confident I will do well so please let me dance.’”

She continues, “I wanted to do it so much even though it meant disobeying my parents. That’s why I’m so sorry,” and starts crying. She says, “I need to succeed quickly. That’s why this performance is so important to me.”

kim chungha 1

During the competition, Kim Chungha performs to a Beyonce remix, earning a total of 136 points and putting her in second place so far, with five performers’ scores still to be revealed in the next episode.

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