Fin.K.L’s Ock Ju Hyun will be performing at the 100th staging of the musical “Wicked” in April.

When news of a Korean production of “Wicked” first came out, musical fans and those in the musical industry picked Ock Ju Hyun as their top choice for the role of the witch Elphaba. Their wish came true when Ock Ju Hyun was cast later on in official auditions, bringing her on stage for the first time on November 22 last year as Elphaba.

She has played Elphaba for the last four months, alongside musical actress Park Hye Na, and will be taking the stage for the 100th performance of “Wicked” on April 11.

This is Ock Ju Hyun’s ninth year as a musical actress, as she debuted in “Aida” in 2005. She has since performed in lead roles in musicals such as “Cats,” “Broadway 42nd Street,” “Chicago,” “Monte Cristo,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Elizabeth,” “Prince Rudolf” and “Rebecca.” She’s demonstrated her acting skills and vocal prowess, as well as her ability to transform perfectly into her characters, taking her place as a diva in the musical world.

Ock Ju Hyun is currently preparing for a new album. She published a book on her diet last year and will follow up with an exercise DVD on Pilates and ballet.