A second season of “Bad Guys” has been included in OCN’s broadcast program schedule.

On April 4, a source from OCN stated, “The second season of ‘Bad Guys’ is planned to air sometime during the second half of this year. However, it has not been confirmed to air in September.”

Meanwhile, one media source previously reported that the second season of “Bad Guys” was scheduled to air in September.

OCN’s “Bad Guys” is a 2014 drama about a group of criminals teaming up with detectives to solve cases. The drama stars actors Kim Sang Joong, Ma Dong Seok, Jo Dong Hyuk, Kang Ye Won, and Park Hae Jin.

OCN is currently airing the drama “Tunnel,” and is set to air “Duel,” starring Jung Jae Young, Kim Jung Eun, and Yang Se Jong. The second season of “Bad Guys” as well as the webtoon-based drama “Save Me” has been confirmed for production.

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