On July 19, the musically talented trio that forms Odd Eye (Eeum, Hayule, MIKI) released the music video for their second and latest single “Follow Me.”  The girls first made their debut through “Catch Me If You Can” last month and has set themselves apart by introducing the genre string pop to the Korean music scene.

“Follow me” is a unique combination of a polished housebeat with the sweet sounds of violin and cello. Through this mainstream yet classic track, the girls are able to widen the ears of many K-Pop lovers. All the girls lent their voices to the track and each member played their respective instruments: Hayule and Miki on the violin and Eeum on the cello.

The producer of MFBTY’s “Sweet Dream,” which is a team collaboration between Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, and Bizzy, participated in the composition and arrangement of “Follow Me.”

Check out the video below!

 Music Making Film for “Follow Me”