Girl group Oh My Girl has achieved unprecedented success on music charts with their new song, “Coloring Book”!

“Coloring Book” was released on April 3 at 6 p.m. KST, and as of April 4 at 10 a.m. KST, it has topped Olleh Music’s realtime charts. It is enjoying success on other music sites as well, placing No. 3 on Bugs and No. 9 on Soribada.

This is the very first time that the girls have ranked first place on a music chart since their debut, making this achievement that much sweeter and more special.

“Coloring Book” is an upbeat, energetic pop song with an ever-changing melody and addictive lyrics. It tells the story of a girl who likens falling in love to colors filling the pages of a coloring book.

Oh My Girl has been receiving attention for their unique concepts and music, including, “Liar Liar,” “Windy Day,” and “A-ing.” Their members are known to be well-loved by fellow idols, who have fallen in love with their cute personalities and amazing talent.

Congratulations to Oh My Girl and here’s hoping for even more success for the talented girls!

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