K-Pop’s favorite fairies have made quite a journey from their debut to now. They’ve always been lookers but let’s take a look at their glow ups from cute to beautiful!

1. Hyojung

Hyojung debut
| WM Entertainment

Starting with the leader of the group, we have OH MY GIRL‘s Hyojung who caught the eyes of netizens with her amazing eye smiles and aegyo filled facial expressions! She exudes cuteness with her fedora in the woodsy background for their debut photoshoot.

Hyojung now
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Her aegyo filled face is still present to this day but she has transformed from a cute rookie into the stunning woman she is today! She rocks her cute image while leading one of Korea’s favorite girl groups.

2. Mimi

mimi debut wm
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The rapper of the group looked so innocent during her debut days! Mimi looks like a little doe for her “Closer” promotions which is so different from what fans are used to. Although the innocent image may be foreign for this specific member, she pulls it off so well!

mimi now wm
| WM Entertainment

Over the years, Mimi has really blossomed into her looks and took her unique image by the reins! She’s constantly dyeing her hair different colors and somehow manages to look good in every single color. That should say everything about her killer visuals!

3. YooA

yooa debut wm
| WM Entertainment

The main dancer of the group has always had doll like visuals from the start! YooA turned heads when she came onto the scene with her big monolid eyes, small face and perfect proportions.

yooa now wm
| WM Entertainment

YooA went from being a cute and lovely girl to a beautiful woman. Her looks have matured just as much as her image did. She continues to blow netizens away with her ever stunning visuals.

4. Seunghee

seunghee debut wm
| WM Entertainment

The main vocalist is next and just look at how little she is! Seunghee really embraces the pure and innocent image that OH MY GIRL first debuted with. With her white dress and straw hat, she completes the innocence even more.

seunhee now wm
| WM Entertainment

Not much has changed and Seunghee looks pretty much the same as her debut days! How does she do it? She looks like hasn’t aged a day even though 5 years have passed. Tell us your secret Seunghee!

5. Jiho

jihyo wm debut
| WM Entertainment

Here is another looker in OH MY GIRL’s ever growing list of visuals. Jiho also caught the eyes of netizens with her massive eyes and perfect facial features! With her long, luscious hair, she really killed fans with her doll-like looks.

jiho now
| WM Entertainment

Jiho also hasn’t changed much since her debut days as she’s always been so pretty. Her huge eyes have always been her captivating point and that certainly hasn’t changed with the years. Her looks will always be the envy of everyone!

6. Binnie

binnie debut wm
| WM Entertainment

Binnie made headlines for being a model in YG Entertainment before her debut in OH MY GIRL and no one was surprised by it. Her model-like features were recognized by netizens as they showered her with praise. Her tiny face was always filled out with big facial features and it caught the eyes of many.

binnie now wm
| WM Entertainment

Even with all that time, fans still don’t understand how someone can go from being pretty to even prettier as time goes on! Binnie always kills fans with her visuals and that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

7. Arin

arin wm debut
| WM Entertainment

The youngest member of the girl group really caught eyes of netizens and fellow idols alike because of her intensely pure image! She really made an impact on netizens with her debut in the girl group with her monolid eyes and dumpling image that you just want to protect.

arin now
| WM Entertainment

Wow oh wow, she is not a little girl anymore! For the past year, Arin has been making headlines for her extreme glow up! She really said goodbye to her cute girl image and said hello to the stunning woman she has become. Netizens compare her to actress Suzy which we all know is an incredible compliment. That comparison alone proves her immense glow up.