Oh My Girl attempted to do the impossible, perform their dance to their new title track, “Coloring Book,” at 16 times faster than its original speed.

The girl group appeared on “Weekly Idol” on April 12 and took on the challenge. They decided it might be easier to achieve if they slowly worked their way up to it, going from the original speed, to twice as fast, then four times, then finally 16 times. The members were scared but excited to try it.

However, when the music started, both Jung Hyung Don and Defconn were surprised by how fast the song was in its original speed. Once the speed was upped, a few screams came out here and there, but the members were mostly successful in dancing at twice the original speed with a few hiccups.

The problem came when the song was played at four times its original speed. The members were immediately thrown into chaos and the music had to stop as they simply gave up. It was a hilarious moment, but we commend them for at least trying!

Check out the video to watch Oh My Girl as they try to dance the fastest they possibly could.