Oh My Girl‘s YooA recently sat down for an interview with Ask Allure on YouTube, and gave some fresh insights regarding her role models, as well as her image as an idol!

yooa 3

YooA was asked tons of interesting questions, and one of them centred around who her role model is. YooA revealed that she indeed used to have a role model, but she does not anymore.

I had a role model before, but after I started thinking that I wanted to make something original to Oh My Girl’s YooA, I didn’t have a role model anymore.


She further elaborated on her answer, revealing that she’s now wholly focused on expressing who she is as YooA.

Now I think more about how I want to create something that is original to YooA or something YooA-esque.


YooA recently made her solo debut with Bon Voyage.

Watch the whole interview here!