Chuno’s Oh Ji-Ho has been selected as Ha Ji-Won’s co-star in the upcoming 3D sci-fi action flick Sector 7.

The story takes place out in the open sea on a large oil prospecting ship, where the characters encounter a monster in the sea. When it attacks, a battle for survival ensues, led by Ha Ji-Won, who shows off high-energy action skills as she fights it. Oh Ji-Ho plays her boyfriend, an engineer on the oil rig who gets caught up in a conspiracy. Also, SPOILER! In fact, such a huge spoiler that I don’t know why they included it in the press release, since it gives away a big part of his casting (highlight to view): His character dies. Maybe it happens early on and isn’t such a big deal? [/END SPOILER]

The large-scale project comes with a 10 billion won production budget and high expectations; it is produced by Haeundae’s Yoon Je-Kyun and directed by Kim Ji-Hoon of May 18. Also starring are film veteran Ahn Sung-Ki (Fair Love) and comic actor Park Chul-Min (Return of Iljimae, Partner), both of whom also worked with director Kim in May 18.

Sector 7 will begin filming in mid-June.


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