After recently fainting from hyperventilation, caused by stress, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee has made a full recovery.

The girl group member commented in a interview that she is completely fine and that her fellow members now carry around plastic bags just in case (as breathing into bags can help regulate breathing in the case of hyperventilation).

When asked what she did while resting, Seunghee said, “I wanted to stand on the stage so much. That’s why I watched the performances religiously even while resting.” She continued, “I missed being with the members and, although it was a short time, I felt really sad at not being able to perform on stage.” The member of Oh My Girl added that she ate and rested well in order to return to the stage as soon as possible.

Lastly, Seunghee shared some lessons she learned from this experience. “A singer has to sing well first and foremost but I realized that it’s also really important to take care of your health as well” and “I apologize for worrying so many people. I will do my best to think lots of positive thoughts and take care of my health so as not to affect Oh My Girl activities.”

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