OH MY GIRL recently starred on MMTG, hosted by MC JaeJae. There, they discussed their two past hit songs, “Closer” and “One Step, Two Step”. Jiho revealed that “Closer” was actually not meant to be released as a K-Pop song!

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According to Jiho, the song was originally made as a praise song as part of contemporary Christian music.

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The song was written in the U.S, but somehow the demo track made its way to WM Entertainment and the girls took a listen.

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They decided on spot that they had to have the song! After pleading repeatedly with the makers of the song, they finally agreed to give the precious song to OH MY GIRL. OH MY GIRL’s team then reworked the song, coming up with Korean lyrics for it. JaeJae had a revelation when the girls revealed that originally, “Closer” meant being closer to the higher one up there!

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One step, closer” has a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

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The Korean lyrics itself, were written about a sad love story, rather than being closer to a spiritual being. However, it could also be very well interpreted as the latter.

One step closer, my heart. A hand’s width closer, to you. Before the sun gets erased, I pray I will get to you.

— “Closer”, OH MY GIRL

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We’ll never be able to look at the song in the same way again!