Ok Taecyeon tried out some wire action for his role in upcoming tvN drama “Who Are You,” according to MBN TV.

Ok Taceyon in Wire Action

Taecyeon plays the role of Gun Woo, a motivated police officer who puts a fight into everything he does. He helps Si On put spirits to rest. Although he does not believe her at first, Gun Woo soon finds himself falling in love with the woman who can see spirits.

A SBS special program called “Who Are You: Secret Files” featured exclusive content that showed the behind-the-scenes work that the cast and crew put into creating the drama on July 23. Ok Taecyeon was seen working very hard in the summer heat. The wire action was necessary to shoot a scene where Taecyeon hangs from a roof ledge. It took over an hour to film this scene!

Taecyeon said, “There are a lot of where I have to sprint and run into things, and that was all okay. But I think the wire action really took a lot out of me. For the first time in a while, I used up all my strength and I had to lie down after filming was over.”

“Who Are You” producer Lee Min Jin said, “Even though filming is tough, the actors really put their all into their work. It’s difficult to show certain emotions, but the actors are very good at adapting and we’re very grateful for that. I know people are wondering why Ok Taecyeon had to hang from a roof, and I’m hoping that they’ll tune in to watch ‘Who Are You’ to find out.”

The first episode of “Who Are You” airs on July 29. Are you excited?