Did Japanese media foresee Hwayoung’s departure?

A copy of an old Japanese newspaper surfaced on Korean online community boards on August 2, showing more evidence of T-ara’s bullying with Hwayoung. The article, published last February, was titled, “Korea’s #1 hit group T-ara disband…” with captions that read, “18 year old Hwayoung, mental shock with the breast exposal.”

Alongside the article, there’s a photo showing Hwayoung walking by herself in the airport, while the rest of the members and staff are on the opposite end, using the automatic walking lane. The article reasoned T-ara’s disbandment rumors based on the members’ busy schedule and Hwayoung’s breast exposing incident.

Although Eunjung was injured and in a cast at the time, which explains the reason she’s using the walking lane, fans are questioning if the member discord was already deeply in place from back then.

Netizens commented, “This is a national disaster,” “Why was Hwayoung walking all by herself?” and “T-ara members are just brutal.”