Recently, goddess Kim Tae Hee‘s slightly shocking, but nonetheless beautiful, old photo surfaced.

Back in 2005, Kim Tae Hee surprised many a viewer with her out of the ordinary looks when she took part in a photo shoot.

In the photo, Kim Tae Hee can be seen with messy and ruffled hair with slightly tacky clothes, since the photo is from seven years ago. It may have been fashionable at the time, but looking at it now, something seems a bit lacking. The lower half of her body attracted the most attention. Kim can be seen showing off her slender legs with hot pants no longer than one hand span. Her face is covered in what looks like make-up with colored pencils, but even that she managed to cover up with her undeniable beauty.

Netizens who came upon the photo commented, “Everything is ameliorated with her beauty,” “If I had that fashion, I would be pointed at and called a beggar,” “I can’t believe they’re hot pants that are hard to find these days….,” and more.