After much buzz, reports have recently surfaced that the 2003 Park Chan Wook film “Oldboy” is confirmed to get a Hollywood remake, with director Spike Lee at the helm, according to Mandate Picture.  

“Oldboy” is the Korean adaptation of a Japanese manga by Nobuaki Minegishi.  Director Park Chan Wook’s take on an everyday man just released from an unexplained 15-year imprisonment is considered a cult classic for its gritty violence executed with visual flair.  The film is a Cannes Grand Prix winner and attracted other international acclaim, including being voted by CNN as one of the ten best Asian films ever made.  

Early rumors peg Will Smith (“I Am Legend,” “Men in Black”) as a possible candidate for the lead role that Choi Min Shik played.    

Spike Lee is an Academy Award nominee for the screenplay of “Do the Right Thing,” which he also directed.  His other credits include “Malcolm X,” “Inside Man,” and “25th Hour.”