BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s sister had a sweet story to share from her recent visit to her younger brother!

On November 2, G-Dragon’s older sister Dami Kwon shared a photo of an autumn leaf with the caption, “You are a person who is more than deserving of being loved.” At the end of her caption, she wrote out his Instagram username as well, showing that the post was related to him.

On her Instagram story, she added more to the story behind the leaf. She wrote, “He’s a romantic guy. He’s so lovely and cute. Is there a guy out there who isn’t my brother who is like this? He said he had a gift for me and put this leaf in my hand. Oh, he’s so sweet.”

G-Dragon is currently carrying out his military service and the story of his simple but sweet gift to his older sister while she was visiting him is warming people’s hearts. He is set to be discharged from the military in November 2019.

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