SBS’ weekly entertainment news program, “One Night of TV Entertainment,” (hereafter “One Night”) featured BIGBANG in one of its reports, aired on June 24, going over the reasons why BIGBANG is loved by so many.

Out of the many reasons, the fact that BIGBANG produces so many of their own songs was highlighted. Upon its research into the copyright records of the Korea Music Copyright Association, “One Night” found 23 songs recorded under Taeyang‘s name and 153 under G-Dragon.

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Reporter Lee Da Won of MBN Star stated in her interview with “One Night” that G-Dragon ranked at number five for the top earners from royalties in 2012, earning 790 million won (around 713,000 USD).

With G-Dragon only adding to his list of songs every year, one can only wonder how much he is currently raking in.