Lee Seung Gi confessed that because of the pressure of appearing on “One Night Two Days” he actually lost hair.

On the episode of “One Night Two Days” that was broadcast on August 14th, each member had a mission of sending in a “story” or “confession” to a radio show. Lee Seung Gi confessed about the stress and pressure of appearing on a variety show that ended up in his losing hair.

Lee Seung Gi wrote, “After first appearing on a variety show, for three years I haven’t slept before the day of filming, my heart was heavy when I had to do ‘dance hazing’ and each week I prepared when highly stressed, this ended up in me losing hair.

He also wrote about the other members, “The hyungs on the show took up concepts as being the bad apples. Because of that any small good deed I did on the show made viewers have a positive image about me, I am thankful for that.

We had recently reported that Kang Ho Dong had spoken to KBS about leaving the show, and currently both sides have stated that “no decision has been made.”