New KBS drama “My Only One,” starring Uee, Lee Jang Woo, Na Hye Mi, and Choi Soo Jong, is off to a promising start!

According to Nielsen Korea, the September 15 premiere of the family drama scored high viewership ratings. The first episode recorded 21.2 percent while the second episode received 24.3 percent. After the drama achieved such solid numbers for the premiere, viewers now have high expectations for the viewership ratings to increase in the future.

“My Only One” is about Kim Do Ran (Uee) whose life gets turned upside down when her biological father (Choi Soo Jong) appears after 28 years and tells her why he had to hide his identity. It is meant to be a family-oriented drama that shows people rediscovering their hope in life.

During the first two episodes, Choi Soo Jong was sentenced to life in prison for murder and abandoned his baby daughter Uee.

If the plot sounds interesting, check out the first episode below!

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