ONF’s Hyojin and Wyatt recently appeared on the February 22 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” as guests and opened up about a variety of topics, including romantic confessions and sexiness.

During the episode, the ONF members talked about their comeback track “We Must Love.” Hyojin stated, “[The track] is about one day meeting the person you love,” while Wyatt added, “Our performance came out dark and cool. Please look forward to it.”

The members were then asked about how they confessed their feelings. Hyojin answered, “I’m the type to confess when I’m sure [of the relationship] after looking over it for a long time.”

Wyatt replied, “If I like them, I confess right away. However, I still try to the respect the other person. I’m the type to wait when I have to.” He continued, “I feel so thankful when someone likes me. The fact that someone liked me out of that many people makes me thankful.”

Wyatt then talked about his dreams of being a radio DJ. He commented, “Being a radio DJ is one of my dreams, so I think it’ll be a fun opportunity if we’re called back.”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung then asked if the members thought of themselves as being sexy. Hyojin shyly commented, “I thought that I didn’t have any sexiness in me, but after promoting, I think I came to have it.” Choi Hwa Jung questioned when he could see that sexiness, and Hyojin replied, “When I’m dancing.”

Wyatt confidently answered, “I think I had some sexiness.” He then had the set cracking up when he added, “I used to have the nickname of ‘Monkey,’ but I’ve now upgraded to ‘Gorilla.’”

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