After former AOA Mina’s exposure to Jimin’s alleged bullying and its effect on her mental health, FNC Entertainment ultimately confirmed the departure of Jimin from the group and the industry. Even with Jimin’s withdrawal from the group, many accounts of Jimin’s alleged bullying and stories from fans have started to resurface online. From allegedly bullying Choa to stealing Mina’s gift received from a fan, netizens are shedding light to this matter.

After member Seolhyun‘s previous statement regarding the group’s method in choosing who lives in each dorm resurfaced, netizens began digging up past posts about the relationship between Jimin and Seolhyun. Seolhyun appeared on Jimin’s personal YouTube channel quite often and the two seemed to have a good relationship.

“I listen really well to Jimin unni.”


“Jimin’s avatar=Seolhyun”


“I just really love Jimin unni!”


They are so close that they have matching clothes, accessories, and even tattoos.

Matching Clothes



Matching Phone Cases



Matching Shoes with comedian Kim Shin Young


Matching friendship rings with comedian Kim Shin Young


They shared two pairs of socks by switching the colors even with other members around them


Three things Jimin would take to a deserted island are…


Kim Seolhyun, Kim Seolhyun, Kim Seolhyun


Jimin’s hope is to live in the mountains


Seolhyun’s hope is to live in the city with Jimin


They are so close they even got matching tattoos with each other


They split the word “mate” with one having ‘ma’ and the other having ‘te’ tattooed on their hands


Seeing instances where the two showed off their exclusive friendship even with the other members around gained much attention from netizens.

Fans are divided in their relationship with some thinking that Seolhyun and the other members were all just bystanders while Mina suffered.


Some think that Seolhyun too received hate from Jimin and found it hard to try and side with Mina knowing what might happen to her if she did.

“It seemed like seolhyun was hated by jimin in the beginning too but took Jimin’s side to survive. Seolhyun was probably scared to help Mina because it reminded of what she used to be..i guess that’s why she ended up becoming a bystander. She used to be so pretty and bright…this is an unfortunate case but i think its time for AOA to disband.”


On July 3, Mina first uploaded a series of posts, revealing an AOA member bullied her to the point of extreme thoughts. Jimin responded to such allegations, but then Mina continued to share posts detailing what happened to her. She even revealed how her agency at the time, FNC Entertainment, did not take any corrective action. Early on the morning of July 4, she posted her final update on the situation, revealing Jimin apologized to her.