OnlyOneOf‘s Junji and KB appeared on KBS Joy’s Ask Anything where Junji opened up about his concern regarding his unique hairstyle.



Junji has a hairstyle that entirely covers his eyes.


And he confessed that he can’t see.

My fellow members help me get around. When we perform, I just look at the ground, and then when it’s my part, I just look straight ahead.

— Junji


As most fans know, Junji is very good-looking.


But his face remains covered by his hair because of a concept that was supposed to be temporary.

I had this hair since January of last year. I thought I’d just have it for 2 weeks during our activities, but here I am a year later.

— Junji


What keeps Junji from changing the hairstyle is a particular fear.

I’m afraid people won’t recognize me without this hair.

— Junji



So despite not being able to see, he’s still flaunting the unique hairstyle to this day.


Nevertheless, Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon expressed their support for the unique hairstyle since it’s only for his idol activities.

All 7 of you should get that hair. And then for your ending pose, you should all reveal your faces like, bam!

— Seo Jang Hoon


Check out the full clip below: