On August 24th’s episode of Radio Star, Super Junior’s Heechul made a mistake while talking to Super Star K2’s John Park.

The guests of the show were Lee Juk, John Park, and Jung Jae Hyung.

Heechul’s mistake happened when everyone focused on John Park.

Heechul stated, “Oh but John Park, I also enjoyed watching this movie, ‘American Idol.’”

Everyone paused when Heechul said this and began to laugh.

Lee Juk stated, “That’s not a movie.”

Heechul replied, “Isn’t that movie a little erotic?”

Yoon Jong Shin jokingly announced, “Michael Bay’s American Idol.”

As everyone was laughing Kim Gu Ra told Heechul, “Stop doing stupid things, I’m starting to feel bad.”

Heechul sheepishly stated, “I don’t really know western culture that well.”

John Park is now a part of Lee Juk’s agency and is currently working with Kim Dong Ryul, while Jung Jae Hyung appeared as a friend of Lee Juk. Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Juk both received more popularity through their appearance in Infinity Challenge.