In light of the recent sexual assault charges against the CEO of Open World Entertainment, the company has issued an official letter of apology.

The apology was issued on their website on April 17 with the title, “We Extremely and Gravely Apologize.”

The letter begins with their grave condolences regarding the incident, “We sincerely bow our heads in regret regarding this shameful incident and we are gravely remorseful for subjecting everyone to great disappointment.” The letter continued, “We apologize again as this public statement and apology is long overdue.”

Referring to the recent allegations of sexual abuse committed by the agency’s own celebrities, Open World Entertainment stated, “The reports in the media regarding our agency’s celebrities’ involvement in the sexual abuse are unfounded.  The artists under our agency have been shocked and hurt to learn that these accusations and reports, which are unconfirmed allegations, were linked to them as was reported by the mass media.”

The letter then pleads with the mass media regarding unfounded reports: “We ask that you to please refrain from writing articles that are speculative in nature in order to prevent our other celebrities from receiving criticism by simply being under the same agency.”

The letter ends with another grave apology for causing concern over the terrible incident.

Open World Entertainment’s CEO, “Mr. Jang,” was arrest on April 13 with the charge of sexually assaulting 11 trainees who were under his agency. Upon further police investigations, it is suspected that he has been abusing his trainees since 2008, with many of the trainees being in their teens at the time of the incidents.  

There are further allegations that the CEO would take out his trainees and celebrities under his label and would tamper with the trainee’s alcoholic drinks.  He would then sexually assault the victims and would even force the male idol members to participate in the sexual assaults. 

Open World Entertainment

Open World Entertainment