Psy has taken on his first ever solo photo shoot.

Psy has shown off his “suit style” for the star style magazine “High Cut,” which will be released on October 4. Just like his catchphrase “dress classy and dance cheesy” and the lyrics to his viral hit, each photo has Psy dressed up elegantly but his eyes show a playful, wicked gleam. Psy shows off various formal wear such as a black suit, a tailored coat and a flashy scarf to achieve the perfect gentleman look.

During his photo shoot, as Psy was monitoring his photographs, he commented, “I never knew this kind of day would come. How did I become a fashion model with this body?” He humorously continued, “This photograph is making my legs look the longest that I’ve ever seen in my life. I need to go thank the photographers personally.”

This pictorial featured fashion brand Jill Stuart. Also, Psy worked alongside the first Asian female model for Chanel‘s haute couture collection, Kang So Young and the first Asian male model to walk for Prada‘s fashion show, Kim Won Joong.

You can find Psy’s pictorial for “High Cut” on October 4 in the 87th edition. Other unrevealed cuts can be found online as well.