World star Psy has danced the “horse-riding” dance for “Gangnam Style” with Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman.

Psy tweeted on October 17, “Had a great time with @RealHughJackman” along with a set of photos. Following that tweet, Hugh Jackman also posted, “Slicing gangnam style! Great to meet @psy_oppa who visited set yesterday.”

In the photos, Psy and Hugh Jackman seem to be dancing to “Gangnam Style.” Eyes were especially drawn since Hugh Jackman was in his costume and makeup for the upcoming film “Wolverine 2,” which is set to be released in 2013. Psy also has the Wolverine claws in his hands, which added to the fun.

Recently, Psy was a special guest on the audition program, “The X Factor Australia.” During the episode, Spice Girls’ Mel B performed “Gangnam Style” with him. When Psy arrived in Australia on October 16, he received a very warm welcome from local fans.

Psy will be traveling to L.A. in just a few days to continue his US promotions. He will be releasing a new English album in November.