Orange Caramel recently held a publication meeting for the travel book “Youth Travel,” according to TV Report.

On July 12, Orange Caramel met with 130 people who were selected through a raffle system for a sign meeting at the Seoul Fine Arts Theater. Fans hungry for an exciting journey showed a heated interest in the book. There were a large number of international fans from China, Japan, and Thailand, showing Orange Caramel’s popularity in other countries. 

Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel’s book has proven to be a hit. At a previous sign meeting at a large bookstore in Seoul, 500 people waited in line.

Orange Caramel’s “Youth Travel” isn’t your ordinary, boring travel book. Rather than simply telling about places, it tells audiences to look for the happiness in the small things. The book features small essays and vibrant pictures of the girls visiting places in Seoul, Jeolla, and Jeonju. 

Youth Travel by Orange Caramel

Touched by the many fans who showed an interest, Orange Caramel said, “We will continue to work hard.” “Youth Travel” can be found at many places including Kyobo Books, Bandi and Lunis Bookstore, and YES24.