On April 7, the members of NU’EST revealed during the first episode of “Produce 101 Season 2” why they decided to appear on the show, despite being a group that debuted in 2012.

After the episode aired, the members of Orange Caramel, a subunit of Pledis girl group After School, showed their support for NU’EST on their personal Instagram accounts.

Nana wrote, “I think it’s so amazing and great to see your courage and passion as you give it one more go instead of giving up. I’ll be behind you all the way! I hope that there are only good things ahead for all the hard work and waiting you’ve done. Dong Ho, Jong Hyun, Min Hyun, and Min Gi, good luck. Please give them your support and attention.”

Raina posted photos of the NU’EST members and wrote, “Guys, I’ll support you till the very end. Please vote for them!”

Lizzy also showed her support and said, “Guys, I feel like I’m going to cry. I voted for you, good luck. I feel so sad, but I hope this is a chance for you to rise! I’ll support you. #Please vote for them #Our guys are the best”

It’s so lovely to see the girls of Orange Caramel showing their support for their fellow Pledis artists. We wish all the best for NU’EST!