Orange Caramel, that cute and fluffy sub girl group of After School, borrowed a few disco balls from Pledis sister Son Dam bi and busts it out with a near all kill no.1 on various charts! With a catchy hook in the chorus,  “Ba-ba-ba Bangkok City I can’t stop!” The teaser was already on loop by fanatics around the globe. The full Mp3 was just released today (or last night if you broke the law). You can buy it on various Korean portals. Check how to do that here if you live outside of Korea:

Here’s a look at Naver screencap:
Bangkok City is #1 on Naver Music’s Top 100!

Bugs: No.1

Jenpoo (blog site) No.1 

Thanks to: NanaASfacts, AS_LizzyFacts

Check out the MV teaser!