Orange Caramel’s Lizzy revealed a photo that shows off her cool and cute charm. On September 7, she tweeted, “Today, at 6PM! The teaser for Orange Caramel’s ‘Lipstick’ will be released. Ooohaha.” Along with the tweet, she attached a picture.

In the photo, Lizzy can be seen making cute expressions while wearing an orange outfit with her blonde hair tied into a braid. Also, the small tattoos underneath her eye especially catches attention.

Netizens who saw Lizzy’s picture said, “I will look forward to it,” “I can look forward to the teaser, right?” and “Lizzy, I used to enjoy watching you on the sitcom but wow, now there’s going to be a new album..I am looking forward to the new song! You are so pretty and fighting!”

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel is planning to release the song, “Lipstick,” on September 12.