Actress Kwak Ji Min, most recently in movies “The Beat Goes On” and “Link,” enthralls male fans in a new fashion pictorial that has been publicized.

Original “bagel” girl (baby-faced glamour girl) Kwak Ji Min is in a pictorial for the September issue of magazine “Esquire.”  Kwak Ji Min shows off innocent but overwhelmingly sexy charms with her glamorous figure and sweet girlish face.

In this pictorial, Kwak Ji Min, who plays two parts as twins in her upcoming movie “Wedding Scandal,” arrests the attention of viewers with her extreme sex appeal.

In the movie “Wedding Scandal,” there is a bed scene in which Kwak Jim Min’s figure is exposed and her co-star Kim Min Jun was surprised into commenting that she truly is a “bagel” girl.

Actress Kwak Ji Min can be seen in the upcoming movie “Wedding Scandal” which is released in theaters on August 30, 2012.  Check out the Soompi Forum for more information and images on “Wedding Scandal.”