The original singer of “I Have No Problem,” Hwang Gyu Young, expressed his disappointment for “K-Pop StarKim Na Yoon’s performance.

Kim Na Yoon performed “I Have No Problem” on the episode of “K-Pop Star” that aired on March 4. Hwang Gyu Young said, “As I watched Kim Na Yoon perform ‘I Have No Problem,’ I was uncomfortably surprised – to the point where I wanted to just sing for her.”

During this performance, Kim Na Yoon gave a flashy performance with a cheerleading concept, which drew many eyes.

Hwang Gyu Young continued, “I don’t know if it’s because she was singing as she was cheerleading but her pitch was off and due to her over-exaggerated vocalization, she missed the important parts that should have been accented. I even wondered, ‘Is this really the same song?’ and I’m sure the audience was not touched as well. Park Jin Young’s comment was exactly what I wanted to say.”

At the time, Park Jin Young told Kim Na Yoon, “When it comes to cheerleading, you’re doing it in front of thousands of people so you have no choice but to exaggerate your actions. However, when it comes to singing, there are cameras and microphones so there is no need to exaggerate so much.”

However Hwang Gyu Young wrapped up his comment by saying, “Performing live in front of many people must have been difficult for an amateur and teen like Kim Na Yoon. Even professionals have a hard time executing a perfect live performance. I think I am the most disappointed that she didn’t get to show her full capacity because of the stress of singing and dancing live at the same time.”

He continued to say, “The song, ‘I Have No Problem’ may seem like an easy song to sing at first. But it is actually quite difficult. This song is a nationally known song and has a lot of energy and strength. I hope that energy will strengthen Na Yoon so she can become a great artist.”

Meanwhile, Kim Na Yoon has moved onto the next round and is now a part of the Top 9 of “K-Pop Star.”

Check out Kim Na Yoon’s performance of “I Have No Problem”: