Starship Entertainment solo artist and O.S.T. king K.Will will be making a comeback on October 11 with a new full-length album and title song “Please Don’t.”  K.Will last released full length albums in 2009 with “Miss, Miss and Miss” and in 2007 with “Left Heart.”

On October 8, ahead of the singer’s comeback, Starship Entertainment (also the home of SISTAR and Boyfriend) has released part 1 of his promotional photo shoot.  The photo shoot is comprised of a series of black and white photographs which show off K.Will’s good looks and new image.  In the photographs, K.Will shows off his new charismatic image of a solitary man in the world.      

A number of music industry stars also participated in the making of K.Will’s album including, producer Yoon Do Hyun, producer Primary, Kim Ina who wrote IU’s “Good Day,” Min Yeon Jae who wrote 4men’s “I Can’t,” and The Name.