In an interview with Sports Today revealed on February 1, Park Bo Gum talked more about his recently concluded drama “Encounter,” in which he acted alongside Song Hye Kyo.

The actor said one of the reasons why he chose the drama was because of his genuine affection for his character. “Jin Hyuk is a character that is passionate, optimistic, and adventurous. Even if it’s something small, he knows how to treasure what he has, and I really liked the confidence he got from that kind of mindset.” He added that Kim Jin Hyuk knows how to love and care for those around him and that he hopes viewers will remember his character’s kind heart for a long time.

Park Bo Gum is well-known as a close friend of Soong Joong Ki, and prior to the airing of “Encounter,” many called it a romance between him and his friend’s wife. In response, Park Bo Gum said firmly, “‘Encounter’ is not a romance between me and my friend’s wife, but a romance between Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun. We were each acting out our characters, so I focused on my portrayal of my character.”

The actor had endless praise for his co-star, saying that realized firsthand why Song Hye Kyo is called the ‘melodrama queen.’ “One of the reasons why everyone compliments Song Hye Kyo is that when she is acting a sad scene, she says everything with her eyes. When I saw her eyes, I realized what they were talking about. She was really like CEO Cha Soo Hyun, and because of that, I was able to fall deeper into my role as Kim Jin Hyuk.”

Park Bo Gum isn’t afraid of his popularity waning, he said. “Popularity isn’t forever, and I’m not afraid of my popularity falling. Because it’s inevitable. I’m just thankful and amazed at everyone who supports and loves me unconditionally, even though there’s nothing that I’ve done for them. I want to cherish it always and work hard to give back.”

His goal for this year is to be on screen more. “I would like it if there were more days in which I was able to see viewers through acting projects. I want to show everyone something new, so I also want to try acting in a genre piece. But more than anything, I want to be a part of projects that viewers can relate to. And I’d like it they were projects that I could relate to, as well,” said Park Bo Gum.

“Encounter” is about the love story of Cha Soo Hyun, the daughter of a politician who has never had the chance to live her life on her own terms, and Kim Jin Hyuk, a free-spirited individual who finds happiness in the normalcies of everyday life.

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