On October 7, on MBC entertainment program “Section TV Entertainment News,” new movie “A Werewolf Boy” actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young participated in an interview about their experiences filming the movie.  One of the scenes of the movie required Song Joong Ki to slap Park Bo Young.

Song Joong Ki said: “Park Bo Young is a really kind person, so I couldn’t properly slap her on the cheek.  Even though it wasn’t caught on the screen, I told her to hit me , and she actually hit me with all her strength.  Telling her to do that was a mistake.  It was really very difficult. [laughs]” 

Park Bo Young said: “Song Joong Ki was telling me to really hit him, and so I hit him with all my strength.  At that moment, I completely fell for Song Joong Ki.”  A moment later, Park Bo Young added: “He is an extremely attentive and thoughtful person.”           

[Author’s note: Watched the clip and corrected the translation!  Thank you for catching it!]